Wine Box

Having worked for over17 years in helping clients design and create custom printed boxes for all kinds of products. We have rich experience in packaging. And if you’re in need of custom wine box then Junye Packaging is the way to go.

Nowadays, various wine bottle packaging by paper can be widely adopted in application. In general, the High-end wine gift boxes should stick with a tray which can be made by EVA, Foam, Thick paper board, Plastic holder, etc. And most of wine boxes are luxuriant. It can make your wine stand out from among competitors.

Our wine box contain corrugated paper box. Not only it is cheap and economic, but also it easy for transportation.

Most noteworthy, most of the liquors are placed in glass bottles, so our box usually takes boardpaper whose strength is over 3.0 as the internal material which can provide the glass bottle with excellent protection.

Do you want to custom one from us? We always welcome your inquiry.

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