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Analyze the packaging color of tea gift boxes

Packaging color of tea gift boxes:

Chinese tea culture is the classic culture of the Chinese nation. Tea is also the most exquisite and exquisite one in the gift. Therefore, the Chinese people have given high attention to the packaging color of tea gift boxes. A chic tea gift box is not only a the silent salesman ,is also the beautiful coat of tea culture, which makes this culture have extraordinary charm.

packaging color of tea gift boxes

In the packaging design of the tea gift box, the color matching is the most important step. As we known , the packaging of color for sales is importance. With the packaging that conforms to the tea type and corporate culture, it will make people feel pleasing. It is the habit of the Chinese to send tea to relatives and friends during the holiday season. As a culture of profound etiquette, how can the packaging of the gift be unsatisfactory? Of course, to win a higher quality and more tasteful image of this tea, we will take grade of tea, occasion of use, the variety of tea, and the efficacy of the tea into consideration.

Why green and red is the main packaging color of tea gift boxes:

Choosing these two colors as the main color of the tea gift box is reasonable. Red has been a celebration since ancient times. In the festive atmosphere of the festival, we need more elements of celebration, so the packaging of the tea gift box needs to be gorgeous. It is also a joyful feeling, giving gifts auspicious feelings, using red as the main color, can express the positive and healthy connotation of tea.

The main reason for the use of green in tea gift boxes is that green itself represents the freshness of plants. The concepts of environmental protection, health and wellness can be reflected. After the tea is brewed, it is green, which happens to be in line with the green packaging. They can think of the refreshing feeling of the tea tree. It let people relax, the mood calms down. In addition, the green packaging brings people’s psychological effects. Therefore, the green tea gift box is a packaging color that combines the psychology of people and culture of tea.

After understanding the packaging colors of the two tea gift boxes, do you know more about the packaging ? In fact, the packaging color of the gifts has a great impact on people. Not only affecting people’s psychology, but also it can show the corporate culture of tea manufacturers and has a positive effect on brand promotion and packaging.

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