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The basic process of making a custom watch box

The current custom watch box is getting more and more exquisite, and it is very beautiful when you put watch into box. The custom watch box highlight the product selling point. Such a watch package does not need to be repackaged at all. Such a custom packaging box brings a delicate outer packaging to everyone, and also allows the person who receives the gift to feel the thick desire. However, how to make the watch box? And how many basic process to make a custom watch box?

 The basic process of making a custom watch box

custom watch box:

The production process of a beautiful watch box generally has the following steps:
The selection of printing materials, the rigorous manufacturing process of the dies for the boring and die-cutting, the handling of the appearance of the package prints, and the final molding of the molded box.

In the production of the watch box, first of all, the material of the box is very important. Because it will directly lead to the durable molding at the back. However, customer need to determin the budget in the initial stage. And the template system is negotiated with the knife material supply company according to the customer’s requirements.

The next step is to test semi-finished product. And pre-judgy the mold making of the box and the boring tool according to the effect of the sample and the printed semi-finished product. The good die determines the out shape of packaging box. Because crater is mainly used in the pit box. According to the customer’s request, choose the special manchine for bonding.

Finally, the appearance processing section is mainly to beautify the surface, including laminating, bonding, UV, bronzing, etc. Finally, the test goods are generally ok.

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